onsdag den 27. marts 2013

16 Hours Later...

After almost reaching the brink of madness by looking at the same grey fabric for days, I finally finished pleating the piece. Let me remind you that I did this by hand! It only took me 16 hours in total... 

tirsdag den 26. marts 2013

Fabric Manipulation

Today I spent the day pleating this fabric for Fiona. Time consuming and finger tips aching by the end of the day. Patience is the key for fabric manipulation for this!

I also spent some time cleaning this leatherette, that Nadia had laser cut in her own personal design. 

torsdag den 21. marts 2013

Day One

Although I first officially become a fashion slave on Monday, I was already called in today. Never time to rest, considering I helped throw a fashion show yesterday.
So I have the honours of working with two third years, Nadia and Fiona. They're cute and their besties (yeah, so what is I don't like using words that aren't in the dictionary?). Two completely different design aesthetics, two completely different ways of misusing me!

First day on the job, I got the pleasure of experiencing Nadia's fitting, practically scanning a whole book in for her in the library. She needed a good source for her dissertation - fair play.

Fiona wants to give me a more hands in experience; sew two pieces of fabrics together (wool and spacer, which is synthetic spongy stuff, which is a double bonded fabric and resembles the kind of fabric you would use for sneakers). see that part sounds easy, the tricky part is to sew in straight lines and with a 1cm space in between. I was horrified that it took me 3 hours to do, and the lines weren't even parallel in the end! Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of this process!