onsdag den 1. maj 2013

A Desperate Phone Call

What do you do when your design tutor rings you at 10:10am asking where you are, because he is an desperate need for your help. I would call it lucky that I was even bothered picking up the phone, usually I don't pick up if I don't recognise the number. 

Anyway if you haven't guessed it yet, Paul asked me if I could be in Hoxton by 4pm to assist dressing the models for the 3rd year look book shoot. Lucky for him I don't tend to have a full blown social life. 

I've got no idea how it happened, but here I caught the light perfectly! 

I'm was surprised how quick the team worked. Literally not spending more than max. 5 minutes on shooting each look. I suppose if you have 101 (not even kidding!) looks to go through and 2 days,. there's no time to waste.

When an opportunity arises it is a good idea to take up the offer, the more you experience, the more you will know how to handle different projects on your own. 

I twas a good experience, met some good people, listened to some great music and had a few giggle on the way. 

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