onsdag den 15. maj 2013

Something Interesting

Learning magic or just a few interesting techniques, that an inexperienced 1st year perhaps wouldn't have thought of. 

Nylon, £1/metre nylon from Shepherds Bush, these trousers are going to be quilted! 
So even though I'm a sucker for Berwick Street when it comes to fabric shopping, Amy has been pushing me to appreciate the wide variety and choice at Shepherds Bush. But also the fact when you're going to be a poor 3rd year student, you might not have much of a choice as the budget just won't stretch to Berwick Street prices. 

Shirt. Originally the shirt was going to be made out of nylon, but as this is a thing nylon, it is see-through, which isn't the desired effect. So what does Amy come up with? To put a cotton poplin underneath. Not as a lining, as I would perhaps have thought, but it's a shirt, so you don't have linings. 

No, cut the exact same pattern pieces in both fabrics, and then you layer them onto of each other and overlock them together. And then Amy gets the desired effect, with out an major complications. 
Tadaa - magic! 

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