tirsdag den 14. maj 2013


Today I spend my day hanging out with the cool kids in the studio, working on some more  toile developments of Amy's designs. Amy also gave us a 1:1 masterclass in pattern alterations and her massive love of masking tape and a 90's TV programme called Art Attack. 

In Amy's masterclass she mainly focussed on quick and efficient technique to alter the patterns and the designs. Such as the length and placement of the trouser pocket. Or the fact that it should be a slimmer or perhaps wider leg?

Minty and I were running around in Amy and Stevie's designs in an attempt to motivate them.
Stevie is playing around with the idea of layering fabrics, as you can see in the design, first layer is a nylon, second layer is a lace and third layer is a more translucent nylon. And suddenly you have created your own textile, how clever! 

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