onsdag den 1. maj 2013

Amy Stevenson

Now that the fashion show is over and the top 25 students have been picked to go to the Truman Brewery show. It was time to pack my sewing kit up and say my farewells to Fiona and Nadia, as they didn't get through to the next round. 

Although turning up on Monday at 2pm is appreciated, it was not needed  and I got sent back home, as no 3rd year students were in and the tutors were too busy doing their assessments. 

So after my tutorial today I swung by the 3rd years studio to say my congrats to the students who got through to the Truman show. After closely following Amy Stevenson these past few weeks and have seen her work and passion, I decided to offer my services to her  and she accepted. 

Getting right into it - no time to waste, I was put on unpicking duties. 

I did make me a little sad that I had to unpick her hard work -  as this was the work Amy submitted for the internal show. 

But Amy had her feedback back from Paul, Richard and Gulsom. 
Gulsom, whom is a technician is a hard critic when it comes to sewing. 

While I was unpicking duty, Amy was working hard on developing her next 3 outfits to go into her already 3 outfit collection. 

To be continued... 

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