tirsdag den 28. maj 2013

Coming To An End

There it is; the end of a project, which then will lead to an ending show which will be on the 7th of June, which leaves us the graduates rather than students. The next generation will step into their foot steps and one day; sometime next year I'll be stepping into theirs. 

I've had the pleasure of working with not only one, but three 3rd year students, seeing their creative ideas come to life, be first hand to learn from the new generation of designers. Fiona, Nadia and Amy, three very different girls, but one thing they have in common besides fashion design is they all have great ideas to creating their own textile. Printing, laser cutting and other ways of manipulating the plain fabric. How timing is key, that you can never be too prepared and that old habits die hard (how many times have Fiona been late?). 

I've also come to discover that I like punctuality more than I already new, that I should explore more with what I can do to the fabric, rather than with the fabric. That it's about time that I take all those inductions to the different workshops on the ground floor of the Grove, that I find someone who can teach me how to knit. That I should spend more time playing around with Photoshop and master Illustrator, as these skills will enhance my portfolio and my creativity. I should also embrace technical skills such as pattern cutting and sewing as these things can make your designs go from good to really good. But also remember to take a break, take a deep breath and relax, but most of all enjoy what you're doing. 

I can't wait to see the Truman show, to make all the hard work worthwhile and to watch the 3rd years faces after the show. Relief? Happiness? Perhaps even a little sadness, as its come to an end? But most of all I hope they'll be proud of themselves, because they should be. They've all done an amazing job and its been truly inspiring to get to work along side them. 

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